The Birth of CODEcisions

I’ve always liked websites that are creative in their combination of words. While thinking about all of the decisions I face every day at work, I came up with the idea of combining “code” and “decisions”. I’ve been wanting to get back into hosting my own website and blog, so I decided to go ahead and start back into it. I also am doing this partly in hopes that I would become more active in my posting. I previously had hosted my blog under a family domain, but I wanted something more development specific so I could really focus the content. I setup the domain to not only provide an avenue for my blog, but to also open the doors for some of my developer friends to post relevant articles as they come across interesting development insights to share with the world. Hopefully something on this site is helpful to you. Thanks for visiting!

Note: I’ve kept the development related posts from my old blog intact, so if you see older posts, they are from my old blog.