Error Calling XmlWriter WriteValue With Guid Parameter

Calling XmlWriter.WriteValue() passing a Guid as the parameter throws an exception.

StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter();
XmlTextWriter writer = new XmlTextWriter(stringWriter);

The exception thrown is:

InvalidCastException: Xml type 'List of xdt:untypedAtomic' does not support a conversion from Clr type 'Guid' to Clr type 'String'.

I don’t see any way around this except by casting the Guid to a string before passing to WriteValue(). Since this overload accepts an object type, even an extension method taking a Guid doesn’t help because the instance method is the one preferred by the compiler.

Casting the Guid to string seems to be the only option.


XmlConvert.ToString() has an overload that accepts a Guid parameter, so we know that will work correctly. The real question is why does XmlWriter not just handle a Guid parameter itself?