I know I haven’t updated CODEcisions much lately. I need to make note of some new topics to cover because I’m always learning new things, I just need to write them down. I’m going to try to do better at this going forward, starting with a series of posts of how I changed domain registrars, web hosts, and blog platforms.

First let me give you some background. I started out my blog as a personal blog on WordPress. It was fine as a platform, but I really started the blog to play around with technology and, being a .Net developer, decided I should use an ASP.Net based blog. At that point, I switched to BlogEngine.Net and got a Windows hosting provider.

All was well for a while, but I got tired of paying for hosting and managing my blog, so I figured I’d be smart and switch to the free Blogger platform. Suffice it to say I didn’t handle that transition well and kind of abandoned the old site for a while. Ultimately I decided that I should stick with hosting my own blog and even brand a development-specific blog. So I signed up with the cheap and good web host, Arvixe and went back to using BlogEngine.net. The transition back was pretty smooth because I had a backup of my BlogEngine.Net posts and had hardly posted anything in my short time on Blogger.

Everything was fine with Arvixe for a long time. Somewhere along the line I even made the mistake of switching to the FunnelWeb blog platform thinking it would be so nice and easy. Then, not long ago, I got an old machine at home setup with Windows Server 2003 and thought maybe I’d go super geek and just host it myself. The main concern was finding a dynamic DNS provider that didn’t charge me more than a hosting plan. Long story short, I ended up looking into new registrars and found this neat French company called Gandi that is a direct registrar and also has hosting.

Gandi’s hosting ended up being so affordable that I decided not to host myself and just use them. The only catch – they’re a PHP host. So, back to WordPress for CODEcisions, which is a breath of fresh air. I’ll update this post with links to various reviews and tutorials about my switch to Gandi and everything related to that. But first, I just wanted to give this quick update on what’s happening with CODEcisions (and why the RSS feed is likely going crazy).

Keep a lookout for these topics coming soon:

  1. Arvixe review (update: read it here)
  2. FunnelWeb review (update: read it here)
  3. Gandi review
  4. Migration walkthrough from FunnelWeb to WordPress (including redirects for search rankings) (update: read it here)
  5. My WordPress setup used on CODEcisions